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Happy New Year!

January 29th, 2016 at 07:35 am

Hi all! It's been forever. I basically did not accomplish much of what I hoped to in 2015, and I've gotten over it and moving on. Here's to 2016!

Theend of the year was a little crazy....I had 3 surgeries in December (al planned), and in early January, had a small stroke. I'm a-ok, just have to be careful about things now. The stroke was an indirect result of 2 of the surgeries (feet).

I was out of work for a month (on a medical leave, at full pay), and made it through. Whew. I had time to do lots of thinking during my recovery, and wrap my head around 2016 goals.

First of all, I am definitely moving this year. moving in NYC is very very expensive which is why it's taken so long. I've already saved a decent amount in my moving fund, and started lots of other little savings challenges which I'll go into more detail on in a future blog (hey don't want to give everything away otherwise I'll have nothing to write about!)

Everything else seems to be progressing....401k is moving along even though the market is not cooperating!

That's it for now. Will update on some of the individual things going on in future entries.