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Lost Entry! Random Updates...

August 12th, 2015 at 09:38 am

OH how frustrating. I just typed out a very long entry with lots and lots of updates. Hit save & publish. Gone. UGH!!! Well, now it'll have to be the truncated version.

- Completed balance transfer from Verve to Cap One QS. Verve is out of wallet. Both remaining Cap One cards scheduled to be paid off by the end of the year.
- Credit score has gone up 30 points, due to utilization decrease thanks to QS, and to old items falling off.
- Outstanding debt debt # decreased dramatically, due to age of a few items. Not planning on avoiding them if someone comes knocking, but can't get info on them at this time, so I am going to stop worrying about it for now. Will focus on paying more current, pressing accounts off.
- 401k is up.
- Baby EF is gone. Spending has been out of control. Need to get it back on track. Will build this back up within the next few weeks. Have not had cash flow problems, so it's less of an issue than it was a few months ago. Would still like to have something, though. No new debt added, though, so spending has all been cash. Better than nothing, I guess.
- Have been getting lots of snowflakes. Managed to score a pair of $100 sneakers this morning for $34 out of pocket thanks to finding a good deal on eBay, and my eBates credit in PayPal.
- Received 2 of 3 bank account bonuses. Due to a typo in my direct deposit system, will not be able to receive 3rd. Oh well. Moving on! Found another account, and opened today (TIAA - $150). Will pursue another later on this year (BMO Harris? - $200).
- Booked 2 vacations - LA in October, found a $150 round trip fare. Will stay with a friend, and only have to pay for dining out and car rental. Barbados in February - will be pricey, but mostly paid for already. $600 cheaper than last year, and will save money while there since we are staying in a condo instead of hotel. Can make our own breakfast, lunch, and drinks. Will go out for dinner.

Sorry this seems so rushed, but the other entry took a long time to type!!!!

Hope everyone is doing well with their goals!!!